Opposite Railway Station Pilkhuwa, Hapur - 245304 , Affiliation No.- 2130446 , School Code - 60201

Core Values  

Core value of DAV Pilkhuwa are the central belief deeply understood and shared by every member of the school. Core values guide the actions of everyone in the campus.

 We believe in:

commitment, respect , integrity , responsibility ,opportunity , innovations and excellence.

by commitment  we mean that we will
             show loyalty and work to the highest level
             are willing to support to students, colleagues and the stakeholders
             keep the school rules.

by respect we mean that we 
            celebrate individuality, value and appreciate diversity 
           display good manners at all times
           show respect for the school buildings, facilities and environment.

by integrity we mean that we will
          stand up for what we believe
          demonstrate fairness in our judgments and actions
          fulfill commitments and promises.

by being responsible we mean that we 
          take ownership of our behavior as individuals
          have the courage to think and act independently
          be reliable and trustworthy.

by opportunity we mean that we will 
          develop confidence through participation
          volunteer in a variety of school situations
          pursue individual interests in a manner which broadens horizons

by innovations we mean that we 
        have the courage to challenge convention
        dare to dream of the possibilities
        believe that idea is neither too small nor too large
        if it makes things better for our learners and our people.

by pursuing excellence we mean that we will
       work to continually exceed expectations 
       produce work of the highest quality
       set high standards and personal goals for improvement

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Opposite Railway Station Pilkhuwa , Hapur - 245304

Affiliation No.- 2130446 , School Code - 60201
Phone No. -  0122-6050111 , 07300512145

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